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UE4 / Unity / WebGL / AR / VR / Mobile / PC

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Get to know BORISOFT, a Game Development Studio based in Russia with clients worldwide. We’re movers, shakers, and game-makers. Our studio was founded back in 2012, and we’ve been growing ever since. We are now proud to have created games and interactive experience for different platforms. We like all the new trends and also keep classic things in mind. We do experiments, do balance, think above the limits and bring more fresh ideas, have fun, learn, share and keep on creating.

Our Services

2D Art

  • Concept design
  • User interface

3D Art

  • Modeling/Texturing

  • Assets optimization

  • High poly/Low poly


  • Interactive experiences

  • Games


  • ​UE4

  • Unity 3D

  • Playcanvas (WebGL)



Sub sea VR experience

Th experience was created for hi-end VR devices. Undersea tour to demonstrate equipment working 260m below sea level.

Kyro (VR game)

Kyro is a VR game about magic with a beautiful story and interesting mechanics. It is about practicing magic to became better in a more realistic way. Fight with other players on arenas. Explore the world. And become the powerful mage. 

Oil rig (VR)

This is one of our earliest works, it is a demo of the full-scale offshore oil rig. Done in details for demo and educational goals.

Visualiz studio

Borisoft team is a partner of Visualiz AS (Oslo, Norway) Visualiz provides a complete set of tools to efficiently aggregate your 3D models, IoT and Big data streams into digital twins. Providing rich models allow you to collaboratively explore and communicate about complex systems, leading to better actionable insights.For more info please visit visualiz.tech 

Olympic medal quest

This is a mobile/web game project. Includes 14 arcade-style sport games. Dedicated to the Olympic games in 2018. We used Playcanvas to create this and the result was amazing. Great performance!



Thank you for your interest in BORISOFT. For any inquiries, requests or questions, please contact us today. We’ll be happy to give you the information you need.

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